The fourth Thursday of every November gives each American a day to reflect; it gives us all an opportunity to be thankful for the people and things in our lives that make a resounding difference: our family, our friends, the good fortunes we received throughout the year… these are all of paramount importance. Spectrum, however, would like to add to the list and bring the effort and results of our Search Optimization Engineers to light! Ultimately, when you consider that search engines are the #1 way people search for information, it’s actually a rather prolific responsibility. So, here are five toasts that honor the art of SEO (and the people who make it work) this Thanksgiving: 1. Your Company’s Booming Web Visibility The equation is simple: more traffic = more leads. However, when you work with a professional Search Optimization Engineer, they’ll ensure that your website is visible to quality prospects and not just anyone who uses a search engine.

2. A Credible Reputation & Increased Brand Awareness Generating a credible reputation is your Search Optimization Engineers responsibility. At Spectrum, we build your company’s online brand and reputation with respect – just as you would with your customers in person. 3. You’ll Always Have an Expert By Your Side Your Search Optimization Engineer is as dedicated to the success of your website as you are. As professional marketers, it’s their job to understand your competitive landscape as well as what’s trending in your industry and, in general, what’s best for your business’s online presence. Knowing you have someone to turn to for advice is good; knowing you have an expert who guarantees results in the form of more leads is worth a hearty toast this Thursday! 4. Great Original Content Your website is the ultimate platform for creating and promoting content across the Internet. Of course, when you work with a Search Optimization Engineer, they make the process of creating original content effortless for you – incorporating a blog and social media syndication right into your site! 5. One Awesome Website for your Business After our Search Optimization Engineers apply their wealth of knowledge and expertise to your website, it will function remarkably well. Your website will stand out among the competition; it’ll be easy to navigate; it’ll read well and look sharp. Your website will be a direct representation of the hard work and enthusiasm you put into your business everyday – capturing leads, improving your conversions and building an awesome online presence for your company.

This Thanksgiving will be the twenty-second time Spectrum celebrates the things in life that matter most. As a company – and as a family – we’d like our clients to know how grateful we are for your continued business over the years. May you all have a warm, heartfelt and happy Thanksgiving!

By Chris Lang