Most Companies have a website with information about who they are and what they do. However, most Companies do not continually grow the content on their website. It remains stagnant, unchanging. Yawn.Content Creation Goldmine

Website content or onsite SEO has always been important. But today, more than ever, it is vital that you are creating quality content that speaks to your target audience. Furthermore, it is essential that you are using email marketing and social media platforms to get that content in front of your target audience(s).

Customers ask me: “How is this really going to help get more leads from the Internet?”

If you examine the leads from a typical website, you will find most of the leads come from hundreds of long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords are phrases that are three or more words in length that describe your products and/or services. Adding content to your website is the best way of building hundreds or even thousands of long-tailed keywords into the content of your website.

The next question I get from customers is: “How can we add stuff to our website?”

It is best if you have a blog attached to your website that allows you to quickly and easily add content to your site. For example, you would create the following URL: Here at Spectrum, we attach a blog to every customer website. Additionally, our customers have web browser access to their blog, and we work together with our customers to help them publish and market industry specific, rich content on their blog.

Now that you understand how to start adding content to your website easily, the next step is equally important, getting the word out to the world. It can be argued that just adding content to your site will help with rankings, traffic and leads, as the search engines crawl your site, find the content and index it.

However, the best way to speed up this process is through email and social syndication. Writing teaser copy and posting it to your social sites like, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will help spread the information quickly.  Additionally, using email marketing to send to customers, previous website visitors and prospects will reach different members of your target audiences.

Here is another thing I hear from customers: “We don’t have an email list.”

And here is the gold mine you didn't even know you had:

  • Your website
  • Email forms on your website, including a request form or a quote form

You have been collecting email addresses for many years that you have not taken advantage of. It's time to take advantage now!  The list of email addresses from your website is a perfect place to start syndicating quality content that speaks to your target audience(s).  Another great source for email addresses is your email software, i.e. Outlook.  You can build an email list from the received and sent email addresses.  Now all you need to do is get started!