Words are powerful, but letters are supreme. I mean think about it: the Oxford English Dictionary contains more than 170,000 words and they’re all produced from a finite 26-letter pool.

Talk about versatility.

It’s no wonder RWD is such a dominant and impressive force when it comes to online marketing. These three letters represent something many business owners are still completely in the dark about: Responsive Web Design.

3X More Leads?

Yes. And that’s just one metric Spectrum measured after WindowWorks, a Chicago-based Home Improvement company and long-time client, switched to RWD.

The switch made it possible for visitors to view the WindowWorks website (as it was meant to be seen) on any Internet-enabled device in the world.

As it was meant to be seen?

Yes. RWD adjusts a website’s content to fit the parameters of the device it is being view on.

Content as in:

That means that prospects never have to zoom in or out on their phones to fill in a quote form. No more awkward pinching or double tapping. RWD makes everything easy and seamless, which, in turn, translates to more onsite conversions – many, many more, actually.

By giving prospects...

1) More ways to view their website (via a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop)

2) A better viewing experience (no pinching necessary)

3) A consistent viewing experience (a quote form that's as simple to complete on a phone as it is on a desktop)


How's that for versatility?

Note: These are WindowWorks' year-over-year results. The data was collected after comparing WindowWorks’ first three months in RWD with to the same three months of the previous year.

Take the test.

The easier and more convenient you make it for prospects to use your website, the more online leads your business will acquire.

So pretend to be a prospect on your own website.

Get your hands on a smartphone or tablet and punch your URL into the Internet browser. 

Is it easy to read?

Is it easy to navigate?

Is it easy to submit a quote request? 

Would you do it if you were a prospective customer?

If you answered "No" to any of the aforementioned questions, you're missing out on quality opportunities every day. 

For more information on RWD and how it can take your company's lead generation efforts to the next level, shoot me an email: EddieS@SpectrumInc.com.