Mark Twain once ended a correspondence with “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” He meant, of course, that writing concisely is hard. It sucks, actually, and Tweet This: 3 Easy Ways to Secure Leads through Twitterbeing limited to 140 characters per post on Twitter sucks, too. Many business owners struggle to find quick, engaging messages to send off into the Twittersphere – messages that will capture and hold the attention of people who could use their products or services (especially if it’s commoditized). After all, you’re not a professional marketer or copywriter, so how do you use this potentially lucrative platform as though you were? Follow these three simple guidelines to make the most of your Twitter account and reel in leads like a pro:

ASK Questions: Sending out questions to your Twitter followers is an exceptional way to grab their attention and show them that their opinion is valuable to you. Remember, good conversation doesn’t necessarily have to reek of controversy. In fact, you should generally avoid argumentative questions on your business’s Twitter. Instead, inquire about product ideas, service concepts, or anything else related to your industry or company. This way, you make it easy for people with an opinion to become engaged. SHARE Information: When we say “information,” we’re referring to content that your audience would appreciate that was not created by you. This is a win-win-win situation: your potential customers are engaged, your business is recognized, and your source is seen. Sharing captivating articles, compelling research or funny, industry-relevant content is a great way to start conversations and attract new followers to your business’s Twitter. SOLVE Problems: Twitter is constantly being used as a Question & Answer board. Use this as an opportunity! Browse until you find a question you are comfortable answering and tactfully give your best advice. This is a simple and effective way to brand yourself and your company as reputable and valuable –attributes that make clicking the “follow” button a much easier decision for potential customers.

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