Tracking Your Traffic – Get the Right Customers with the Right Keywords

You can reduce your overall marketing spend and more precisely target the type of customer you’re looking for to buy your products and services. How? People are no longer opening the phone book or getting in the car to locate what they need. Nearly all searches are done online, from the comfort of their home. Are your customers finding you, and more importantly, are you targeting the right customers?

Local online searches make up more than 2/3 of the way people are finding products and services. It’s imperative that you’re marketing to the people buying your products in your target area. What is amazing about online marketing - unlike the yellow pages, fliers or other marketing avenues – is that you can target your audience with laser beam precision. Hone in on the pool of people buying your products and services by targeting the right traffic.
Any savvy online marketing professional will tell you it’s not about getting all the traffic, but about getting the right traffic for your business, leading to higher quality leads and increased conversions. Zeroing in on the ideal customers can stop wasting your time and money, and can be accomplished easily. Spectrum has helped many of our customers such as these cut marketing spend and increase conversions with keywords and tracking.

What Do Your Customers Cost?

Developing a Cost per Action or Cost per Acquisition (CPA) will help you to understand just how much it costs you to develop a new customer. This cost is comprised of how much it costs to market a new customer. Are you paying $10 a lead, $30 a lead or more? You need to identify how much your leads are costing you versus your return-on-investment to determine if you’re spending your advertising dollars in the most effective way possible. Can you better target the people looking to buy your services, thereby eliminating unnecessary marketing costs to unlikely customers yet still increasing your ROI?

How to Find the Right Keywords for the Right Customers
Let’s say you sell facial tissues. Even if you sell the VERY best facial tissues at the VERY best price, if your customers are searching “Kleenex,” they’ll never find you. You need to know the right keyword phrases, the one your potential customers in your markets are searching for to find your business. You then not only reduce your CPA, but you increase conversions by truly marketing to people already searching for you. How do you determine the right keywords? Through research of how people are searching for your product, who is searching for your product and exactly where these people are coming from.

Where are Your Calls Coming From?
How do you determine where your calls or leads are coming from? With tracking. Spectrum utilizes a patent pending 800-call tracking that can pinpoint the number that called you, where they’re calling from, what they clicked on in your site and which keyword they typed in to find you. With this call tracking technology in conjunction with Google Analytics, you can stop wasting money and time on ineffective marketing and start getting the right leads and customers. It’s precision tracking of your phone calls and keywords that delivers results.