Are Yellow Pages bringing your business into the red? You can cut your yellow pages and get new customers. How is this possible? By more effectively marketing to your customers. Yellow pages don’t reach out to your customers and advertise your services like they used to. Think about this: Typically, only those people with landlines get the phone book. The number of households with a landline is at less than 25% according to the New York Times and now more than 60% of local search is done online.
This means that less people are thumbing through the yellow pages and more people are hopping online to find your services. It’s proven that even those still using the yellow pages are only using them when they already know what company they’re looking for, causing you to miss out on millions of opportunities for new customers. Take after your customers and leave your yellow pages ads out on the corner in the cold. Since decreasing our customers’ Yellow Page ads, Spectrum has helped many clients increase their acquisition of new customers. Click here to find out which clients Spectrum has helped.
Yellow pages ads can cost your business a lot, soaking up much of your advertising budget - up to $8,000 a year for a whole page add and at least $3,000-$5,000 a year for a quarter to half page add. What if you could take that budget, or even less, and reallocate it towards internet marketing services and see a huge jump in new customers? You only have a limited budget work with, so utilize it the best way possible.
With internet marketing services, you can target your customers that are ready to buy. This means targets the customers searching for your products and services who are buying in your market. The internet marketing umbrella is large, but showing up in the organic search results and Google Maps listings are two ways in which to target your market, drive traffic to your site and obtain new customers.