Increase your position (or establish one period) in Google Maps, increase your sales. Sounds too good to be true? Or maybe it appears to be a too simple solution for generating a bigger return on investment with your advertising dollars. Reallocating your advertising dollars from other areas like the Yellow Pages, radio and television spots and mailers to internet marketing services can get your company ranked in this prime real estate on a search engine page – Google Maps.

How can Google Maps Positioning Increase Sales?
Google Maps positioning can double traffic to your website. That means twice as many people visiting your website daily, double the potential business and sales. The click through rates, or the rates at which people actually click into your website, are higher from Google Maps. People are more likely to go to your website when it appears in the maps area. How many people rely on their iPhone, Blackberry, Droid or other smart phone to shop or search for services/products? Google Maps shows up in mobile search, so even if someone is searching for your service from their phone, they can find your company if you have a maps listing. This means people on the go will walk into your store or call your office first over your competitors.

Okay, so Google Maps Positioning Can Increase my Sales. How do I get in Google Maps?
It’s not the Holy Grail. Getting into Google Maps is based on many different factors, but one of the biggest players is the amount of customer reviews. That’s right. Obtaining positing in Google Maps is highly dependent on reviews you acquire from your customers.

So, How Do I Get Reviews?
Gathering customer reviews can be quite a daunting and time-consuming process. However, with Spectrum’s innovative, patent pending application, obtaining customer reviews is easy. FetchReviews is a tool for Spectrum’s customers that grabs, manages and posts reviews for our clients with one easy-to-use, super efficient application. By using the Fetch Reviews tool, you can quickly and easily get customer reviews, post them to your website and other sites, then watch your rankings in Google Maps appear and/or increase. It’s that simple.

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