top 10 reasons to work with Spectrum

See 10 reasons why home service companies choose Spectrum.

When you need a consistent lead generation solution, you want a company that specializes in YOUR industry. Spectrum is the leader in digital lead generation and sales automation for home service businesses

Partnering with Spectrum means a complete internet marketing solution for your business. By building a custom website and utilizing our patented Sales Automation Software platform, Spectrum drives targeted traffic to your company for optimal growth.

Why Home Service Professionals Choose Spectrum: 

  1. Proven Experience: As experts in the digital marketing sphere, we’ll build your business a custom website that’s fully integrated with our Sales Automation Software.
  2. Comprehensive Strategy & Guidance: We combine home service industry trends with digital insight to build your web presence from the ground up focused on your ideal customer.
  3. Dedicated Account Management: Our digital experts will customize a strategy to best meet the needs of your business and market, helping you align your offline and online marketing efforts.
  4. Scalable Solutions: We drive digital lead generation at a Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale that is truly scalable. Our aim is to produce a 7%-10% marketing cost that decreases as your digital campaign progresses.
  5. 100% Trackability and Transparency: Our Sales Automation Software flows all leads instantly and automatically to your CRM of choice, getting disposition back to optimize your campaign for not only leads but actual Net Sales.
  6. Multi-Product and Service Expertise: We use our insight and SEO experience to target your products and services in the right location for your ideal customer, producing the best possible lead.
  7. Robust Lead Management Software & Integrations: We track every lead generated through your site and any other leads you generate from offline marketing, and flow them all directly into an industry-specific CRM.
  8. Customized Growth Strategy: Your account manager will grow your business by the numbers, lowering your Cost Per Lead & Cost Per Sale. We work as an extension of your marketing team, helping you plan out growth for new products, new sales team members, and new markets.
  9. Lead Generation Reputation Management: Our reputation management engine gives you the power to own your brand’s reputation and leverage that reputation to help drive net new business.
  10. Predictive Lead Generation Technology: By leveraging and building data science models, our team can predict future trends and buying habits specific to your area.

Spectrum Leads through Innovation: 

  • Website as an optimized sales engine
  • SEO targeted for lead gen keywords that have demand
  • Paid Traffic driving strong CPLs
  • Social Media to increase brand awareness
  • Sales Automation Software to tie together all efforts
  • Ongoing Conversion Optimization across the Spectrum!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Spectrum can improve your digital presence to generate leads, contact us today. We offer a free Digital Marketing Analysis to show you the opportunities available in your market! 

We are looking to partner with Home Service Businesses that are looking to scale! 

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