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Why did the programmer quit his last job? Because he didn’t get arrays! Or…maybe it was because he found a great new way to challenge himself at Spectrum. At Spectrum, our Software Developer Interns are all about testing the boundaries of innovation, exploring new and creative ways to propel our digital marketing web applications to the forefront of their industry. We are looking for talented, high-spirited, and detail-oriented individuals who are up to the task.


As a Software Development Intern at Spectrum, you will learn how to design, develop, and deliver new internally developed applications as well assist in enhancing existing software.

  • Will gain experience working with Microsoft.Net, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, and Azure Cloud Platform
  • Design and implement scalable algorithms and models
  • Exposure to the principles of Agile software development

Required Skills and Experience

As a Software Developer at Spectrum, you will have the ability to hone your craft and advance your core skillset. Here are just a few of the skills and experience you should have coming in:

  • Working toward a degree in computer sciens (CS), engineering, or other related field
  • Some experience in programming language such as Java, C++, and C#
  • Strong knowledge of CS fundamentals, algorithms, and data structures

Some Characteristics That Define You

As a Software Developer in Spectrum’s agile development environment, you will have an array of different roles both in and outside of your core team. As such, here are just a few traits that should define you:

  • Forward Thinking. Peaking into the future is a day-to-day occurrence in the software department at Spectrum. It’s important that you’re always considering what’s coming next, and how we can get there.
  • Candid. At Spectrum our goal is simple—growth. In order to grown our software, our team, and ourselves, it is essential that you are honest and open with your ideas and your opinions.
  • Problem Solver/Puzzle Lover. As a developer, you love finding that needle in a haystack we call a bug, and being the first to solve those puzzles.
  • Analytical. In order to solve problems and build innovative new tools, it is essential that you know how to take an idea and analyze it from all of its angles.
  • Detail-Oriented. When you work with long lines of code all day, it only makes sense that you’re extremely detail-oriented, ensuring that everything will run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Hungry. A hunger for knowledge is just one of the many ways you find yourself ahead of the curve when it comes to programming. By actively searching for new programs, neglected customer issues, and exciting new.

What Other Companies Call This Role

  • .Net Developer
  • C# Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Java Developer

About Spectrum

Our company mission can be summed up in one word—growth. At Spectrum, our top priorities revolve around growing business for our customers, growing our software, and growing our careers.

Since opening our doors in 1992, Spectrum has proudly served the small and medium-sized business owner, developing new and innovative ways to drive sales for their businesses. Today, we work with more than 1000 clients in virtually every major North American market serving as one of the nation’s top lead generation software and service providers in the home services arena. But Spectrum is so much more than just a service for lead generation and lead generation software.

Spectrum is a manifestation of our team’s ingenuity and unique skillset. The talent of our individual team members and energy as a unit has led us to create the program responsible for our overall success. This lead generation ecosystem, combining a multitude of software tools, full-service account management, and web-development processes has secured millions of leads for our clients and is a true testament to the capabilities and forward-thinking attitude of the Spectrum family.

With offices in downtown Chicago as well as the northwest suburbs, we continue to grow every day as a leader and innovator in driving client sales, and we want you to join us in doing so.

Apply for our Software Developer Internship position and feel your impact with Spectrum today!

How to Apply