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Ever wonder what it’d be like to live Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in real life? Well as a Scrum Master Project Manager at Spectrum, you get to do just that. No, not necessarily the playing hooky part, although we do have some killer benefits here at Spectrum, but no, we are talking about the wicked facilitating skills Ferris brought to the table. He organized, orchestrated, and elaborately planned out an entire day of skipping school whilst convincing his begrudging friends to tag along and keeping his authorities none the wiser. Our scrum master do the same for our team here at Spectrum – they get people excited to buy into their detailed project management plan, whilst considering and preparing for the roadblocks along the way. So, if your looking for your next best adventure in the exciting world of software and the booming city of Chicago, then please, read on.


Beyond working with state of the art technology, you will have many different fantastic projects to work on as a Scrum Master Project Manager at Spectrum. Here are just a few different responsibilities you can expect off the bat:

  • Guide development and production team towards improving the way they work collaborating with resource managers to ensure proper use of team’s time
  • Facilitate sprint planning, retrospective and sprint demos
  • Assist product owner with backlog grooming
  • Ensure cross-team coordination
  • Collaborate with c-level management to disseminate project scopes to the appropriate teams
  • Reach out to larger company network for impediment removal
  • Maintain relevant metrics that help the team see how they are doing
  • Ensure consistency across teams
  • Liaise between all disciplines of the team
  • Strengthen the presence of our team as an Agile center of excellence

Some Characteristics That Define You

As a Scrum Master Project Manager in Spectrum’s agile development environment, you will have an array of different roles both in and outside of your core team. As such, here are just a few traits that should define you:

  • Self-Starter. As a project manager, you are incredible at taking ideas and running with them. Building a plan around an idea is at the core of what you love to do.
  • Leader. As a project manager, it is not enough to have managerial skills. You must command the attention and respect of your scrum, and what better quality to facilitate a quality project than natural leadership skills?
  • Facilitator. Our software projects here at Spectrum can grow complex and cross many different departments. As such, you act as the bridge between our array of unique team members and their skills.
  • Voice of Reason. During scrums, it can be easy to veer away from the core of a project and onto smaller more detailed tasks that might not make the most sense for the current goals in mind. As our project manager, it’s critical that you step up and help provide perspective to the team regarding what can be done and what should be put on hold.
  • Dreamer. It’s not just optimism and project management that drive you. It is the potential for your team’s software products and solutions to create lasting and impactful changes on the future and the way we as a society interact with technology.
  • Technologist. Although you might not be an expert developer or designer, as a scrum master you certainly know what tools and programs it takes to excel in those roles and all the other roles your team may take on.

Required Skills and Experience

On top of the many intangible skills you bring to the table, there are many skills that can help improve the efficiencies and success of your work at Spectrum. Here are a few of those required skills and experience that you will come in with as a Scrum Master Project Manager on our team:

  • Understanding of RDBMS as well as TDBMS
  • Excellent written and verbal communications
  • Knowledge of and experience with C#/.NET framework
  • Understanding and passion for data science and machine learning
  • Excellent people skills and understanding of human workflows
  • Leadership and mentor qualities
  • Excellent design and presentation skills
  • Project Management skillset particularly experience in an agile environment


Being the dynamite Scrum Master Project Manager that you are, we understand that in order to stay fresh all day you need a good work-life-play balance. To make sure that’s possible this full-time position comes with a highly competitive salary and unparalleled benefits including:

  • Comprehensive medical & dental insurance
  • Retirement planning & company matching
  • Generous PTO, including sick days & holidays
  • A state-of-the-art office environment
  • Nintendo Switch in-office gaming such as FIFA, Arms, Mario Kart, and Rocket League
  • Year-round gym memberships
  • Paid continuing education
  • Casual dress code
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Free-Lunch-Friday
  • Company sponsored parties and group activities outside of the office

Apply for our Scrum Master Project Manager position and feel your impact with Spectrum today!

How to Apply