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Launch Managers are the quarterbacks of Spectrum’s team—they play a crucial role in the post sales handoff that help bring home the W for our clients and our own team. Since running our plays is no easy task, we are looking for leaders interested in not only growing these customers and creating their digital marketing entities, but shaping the growth of this expanding department as well. So, if you think you’re the right QB for the job please play on.


As Spectrum’s Launch Manager you will serve as our project lead by:

  • Ensuring that our new clients smoothly transition into full time Spectrum software and service adopters
  • Coordinate with Account Executives and BDRs to develop new client relationships
  • Formulate fundamental online marketing programs for our clients
  • Conduct accurate keyword analysis and ensure copy/keyword best practices
  • Lead initial client calls and market research initiatives to gather necessary tone, information, and assets for quality onboarding
  • Follow all webmaster guidelines to deliver quality results using white hat techniques
  • Creating discovery meeting presentations to train new clients and gather necessary onboarding information
  • Directing and strategizing new client website builds with both designers and content developers
  • Facilitating communications between other digital marketing professionals and new clients
  • Completing comprehensive and descriptive work order submissions to ensure effective and timely production completions
  • Directing our content team to ensure client goals, culture, and messages are incorporated throughout their products and services
  • Inspecting and proofreading each client project for accuracy

Some Characteristics That Define You

As a Launch Manager for Spectrum, you will work with a wide array of different digital marketing professionals and have a wide array of leadership opportunities. Here are just a few different things that will define you as a leader at Spectrum:

  • Detail Oriented and Nit Picky are not traits we shy away from at Spectrum. As Spectrum’s Associate Launch Manager, we embrace your Type A personality and use it as an advantage to ensure that we don’t miss a single thing when introducing new clients to our services.
  • Organized. You will have the unique opportunity of interacting with multiple different departments and team members to successfully implement projects that align with client goals and our company’s core strategy. Your organization skills will play a key role in the success of all of your different projects, teams, and tasks.
  • Curious People Person. As the leader of new client relationships, your eager to learn all about your clients’ goals and operations. You love to ask questions and be the information lead on all things new and exciting.
  • Strategist. In order to properly onboard your clients, you have honed your strategy, planning, and delegation skills. Combining analytics, organization, excel, SEO and research skills, you will be in charge of implementing the foundation of our clients marketing presence in the digital realm.
  • Key Facilitator. As the team quarterback, your in charge of leading both our clients and our Account Managers. Ultimately, you’ll be responsible for the success of all major post-sale needs.
  • Self-Starter. You will play a crucial role in introducing our new clients to Spectrum and all that our software and services encompass. In order to do so, you’ll need to take initiative to find the latest and greatest updates and product solutions at the office and in the field.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Intermediate-level SEO knowledge/experience preferred
  • At least 2 years of professional experience in an account management, project management or marketing related role
  • Website architecting and HTML knowledge/experience preferred
  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, communications, or a related field
  • Exceptional communications skills; both verbal and written
  • Proven content creation abilities across digital channels including blogs, websites, and more
  • Proofreading and quality control skills
  • Intermediate level understanding of Microsoft Excel
  • Experience in dealing directly with clients, ideally in the B2C space


Being the dynamite Associate Launch Manager that you are, we understand that in order to stay fresh all day you need a good work-life-play balance. To make sure that’s possible, this full-time position comes with a highly competitive salary and unparalleled benefits including:

  • Comprehensive medical & dental insurance
  • Retirement planning & company matching
  • Generous PTO, including sick days & holidays
  • A state-of-the-art office environment
  • Year-round gym memberships
  • Paid continuing education
  • Casual dress code
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Free-Lunch-Friday
  • Company sponsored parties and group activities outside of the office
  • Apply for our Associate Launch Manager position and feel your impact with Spectrum today!

How to Apply