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Social Marketing: Engage your customers in their comfort zone.

Spectrum's social media experts use an intuitive blogging platform as well as web application tools to make the world’s most popular social media websites work for you.

Social marketing benefits:

  • Develop a social identity

    Create your company’s social identity and become an instantly recognized brand.

  • Increase content engagement

    Distinguish yourself with fresh, intriguing content that people will love.

  • Develop new connections

    Expand the reach of your business and the influence it has on others.

How Spectrum helps you:

  • Campaign Development

    We’ll help you cultivate a campaign that will bring your company to light.

  • Campaign Setup

    We'll write customized content for your website, incorporating infographics, contests and photos.

  • Campaign Management

    We'll create a campaign with tangible goals and a plan to deliver results.

Biff Baker
Biff Baker
President, St. Pete’s Moving & Storage

" Our marketing spend with Spectrum delivered great ROI. They got us where we want to be. "

Search Marketing: Ensure that your site is found.

Spectrum’s professionally trained and certified Search Marketing Engineers are experts at getting your business found by new customers across all search engines.

Search marketing benefits:

  • Plan: profound visibility throughout your target markets

    Employ the right keywords throughout your content to attract the right customers.

  • Architect: local & vertical market growth

    Discover link-building opportunities that expand your reach in every direction.

  • Build: new customers:

    Collect quality leads that continuously create new business opportunities.

How Spectrum helps you:

  • Organic search marketing

    We’ll help you become relevant to those who need your products or services the most.

  • Local search marketing

    We’ll make you popular on your block, in your neighborhood and throughout your city.

  • Paid search marketing

    We’ll make sure that your Pay Per Click advertising campaign is a success.

Erik Brainard
Erik Brainard
President, Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA

" Spectrum gave us an Internet presence - generating new leads and unmatched organic search recognition. "

Persuasion Marketing: The way marketing should be.

Beautiful, engaging, effective content brought to your customers on their terms. That’s Persuasion Marketing by Spectrum.

Persuasion marketing benefits:

  • Create new connections

    Build your brand and engage potential customers more effectively than ever before.

  • Foster engagements

    Promote current and potential customer interaction for continual business gain.

  • Command your brand

    Take control of your company’s image and dictate the future of your business.

How Spectrum helps you:

  • Contact & Campaign Development

    We’ll help engage your customers in ways they’re comfortable with.

  • Engaging Content Creation

    Our professional copywriter and designers will produce striking content that sells.

  • Contact Growth & Management

    We’ll help you expand your business with unprecedented quality sales leads.

Robert Clauss
Robert Clauss
President, Parvin-Clauss Sign Company

" Spectrum helped us market and appeal to the customers we were most interested in doing business with. "

Website Development: Where everything comes together.

Spectrum builds websites that are engaging, beautiful and fully-functional on any device.

Website development benefits:

  • A customized marketing strategy

    Architect your marketing plan to your company’s unique goals.

  • Presenting your unique brand & identity

    Your website will be customized to your company’s brand for unprecedented recognition.

  • Easy to add, change & grow

    Spectrum’s software platform allows for easy content updates anytime, anyplace.

How Spectrum helps you:

  • Full-service Development

    The experts in our copy and design departments will take care of everything.

  • Experience in multiple industries

    Over 1,000 companies in dozens of verticals work with Spectrum.

  • Software in the cloud

    Speed, security and infinite space for infinite possibilities.

Pat Miller
Pat Miller
CEO, Miller Office Products

" I love having the flexibility to change my website’s content whenever I want, but having Spectrum’s support when we really need it is what makes the difference. "

Tracking & Analytics: Never be in the dark again.

At Spectrum, our Search Marketing Engineers calculate every metric to ensure your Return on Investment is optimal.

Tracking + analytics benefits:

  • Measure

    Finally, become aware of your marketing efforts both on and offline.

  • Identify

    Fully understand your initiatives, goals, and the actions you must implement to achieve success.

  • Results

    Reap the rewards of efficient, engaging and effective persuasion marketing efforts.

How Spectrum helps you:

  • Together, we track & measure every step

    From leads to phone calls to impressions and monthly ROI – Spectrum knows everything.

  • Industry expertise to analyze your data

    Trained and certified Search Engineers will deliver expert analysis you can learn from.

  • Certified expertise to track your data

    Spectrum’s proprietary tracking systems are simple to access and understand.

Chris Conway
Chris Conway
President, The Mattress Factory

" Spectrum provides real leads that we turn into sales. "

Cloud Hosting: Finally, the future is here.

Speed, safety and scalability make the cloud an awesome place to do business.

Cloud hosting benefits:

  • Incredible speed

    Do everything you’d ever need to do, faster.

  • Unprecedented safety

    Compromised security is now a thing of the past.

  • Infinite scalability

    A platform that expands with your business... forever.

How Spectrum helps you:

Spectrum is all you need to exist in the cloud.

Spectrum Cloud Hosting
Michael Haske
Michael Haske
Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing, Paylocity

" Working with Spectrum is refreshing because they have firsthand experience with what it takes to succeed as a cloud service provider. "

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Our customers have over two decades of industry-specific marketing experience on their side.

Spectrum totally revised our website and put our company at the top of our organic rankings for our most important keywords. Their knowledge, service and support have been critical factors to our success. I would recommend Spectrum to anyone looking to get the most out of their internet marketing.

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